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Contributor Guidelines

Response Magazine accepts submissions from both freelancers and DRTV industry professionals. If you are a freelancer, please click here to find out about Response's freelancing program. If you are an industry professional, please read on.

Industry professionals can offer Response's readers valuable insight into this business. If you have an idea for an article, consider these factors:

If you want to write an opinion about a specific issue, you may want to write a guest column. These are typically 650 words in length and should address an issue relevant to a general direct marketing audience.
Contact Thomas Haire to discuss the possibility of having your opinion published in the magazine. Feel free to submit either a query stating the purpose of your article or a complete piece. Please keep in mind, however, that we do not publish every guest column we receive. Here are some tips to guide you along:

Do not make your column self-serving. Your column should focus on the issue at hand, not on specific companies, even if these companies are relevant to your story. As a member of the DR industry, you automatically have an ax to grind. It's not fair to other companies to allow their competitors to bash them in our editorial pages. It's also not fair to use our magazine for free advertising. In a guest opinion, there should be no references to your own company except in your biography (50 words or less) at the end of the story.
Write for the reader. Our readers want not only valuable information, but information that is accessible. This means that your writing should be clear, informal and to the point. Give your story a logical flow, and use subheads to break up sections of your story and provide entry points for the reader onto the page.
Write about issues important to our readers. Columns that Response publishes should address big-picture issues or new issues.

Mechanicals. Guest columns should be approximately 650 words in length, including a bio. Response reserves the right to edit columns for length, style and content. If we publish your column, we will need a photo of you to accompany it. This photo should be digital with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi at 2 inches by 3 inches. Guest opinions are due by the 20th of each month two months prior to the publication date. For example, a column appearing in December would be due Oct. 20. Stories should be submitted in Microsoft Word format (any version). Response does not pay for guest columns.

If you have an idea for a column that doesn't necessarily fit into our guest column format, send us a letter to the editor instead. These can be anywhere from 25 words to 200 words. If you'd like to write a letter to the editor, you may send it toThomas Haire. Please be sure to label you letter "Letter to the Editor."

If you'd like to write a more in-depth article on a topic you're familiar with, please feel free to query us with your idea. It might be helpful for you to look over our editorial calendar to see which stories we plan to publish this year. We occasionally publish sidebars to features written by industry people.

Response acquires all reuse rights for articles published in the magazine, including reprint and electronic rights. The author retains the copyright. Authors are required to sign and return a contract to this effect prior to publication.


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