Response Buyers  Guide

Dear Cable Network Executive,

It's time, once again, for Response Magazine's annual Cable Network Directory, which is set to appear in our May issue. To ensure that your network's information is properly updated and listed for distribution to 20,000 key players in the direct response marketing industry, as well as to more than 3,500 direct response executives at Response Expo in San Diego on May 15-17, please fill out the online form here:

All listings are free, but this form must be submitted by Friday, March 2, for your information to be included. I understand your busy schedule and that there is little time to take out of your day, but it's critical for our industry to have the best information possible. Our readers are your clients. The more information they have, the better they do in the DRTV business. The better they do, the more business comes your way.

I hope you'll take the time to fill out the online form here FOR EACH NETWORK YOU REPRESENT and return to us as soon as humanly possible. Again, the deadline for completion of the survey is Friday, March 2.

Thank you again for your participation.

THOMAS HAIRE | Editor-in-Chief | Content Director
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